Albert Heijn


For Albert Heijn, RetailTechnics has built many complete systems for refrigeration, freezing, heating and ventilation. The shops range from 1,000 m2 to 4,500 m2 (AH XL) with refrigeration and freezing systems from 100 to 100 kW, including air conditioning with a heat demand of up to 220 kW. The core of these technical systems is formed by the RetailTechnics All in One unit. All refrigeration, freezing and heating systems are connected to this eco-friendly refrigeration and freezing system with high-return heat booster. This system also manages the air conditioning of the shop, offices, other rooms and any adjacent shops such as ETOS and Gall&Gall. Ventilation and air conditioning have been optimised here, ensuring maximum comfort and the lowest energy consumption. These shops are no longer connected to the gas mains. All systems have been delivered and built, including piping, cabinets, controls and remote operation.

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